Lost Landscapes Recreated

Compton Castle  c. 1895

Castle was restored from its former semi derelict state in the 1930ís -60ís, following the Gilbert family regaining ownership of their ancestral home.   Prior to this it had been in use for many years merely as farm buildings and it is this period we have attempted to recreate.

This painting has been researched from old and new drawings and photographs, postcards, an 1885 O.S. map, and with the kind help of the owners of Castle Barton, who made available images of the farmhouse and farm buildings for our reference.  

Prices include Carriage for UK orders only. Please email for international quotes

Size Mounted Print Size including mount Unmounted print Size unmounted (including border)
Large £102.50 687x484mm £80.50 527x324mm
Medium £73.00 568x392mm £63.50 458x282mm
Small £52.00 408x292mm £45.50 308x192mm

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