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Downstream to Exeter Bridge c. 1724

This image is an artist’s impression and reconstruction based mainly on a 1723 engraving after William Stukeley.   The engraving is lacking in detail, and this has been put in to the buildings according to the architecture of the area and time. The Church tower built into the city wall is that of All Hallows on the Wall: the detail for this taken from William Schellinks drawing of 1662. The Church itself, just inside the city wall, was damaged by cannon shot during the Civil War and left to ruin; the tower remaining until the late 18th century, possibly as a lookout, until the New Bridge Street viaduct was cut through the city wall at this point, to link Fore Street directly to the newly built bridge which crossed the river at a different angle from the 13th century bridge shown here.  A later church of the same name was built on the Bartholomew Street graveyard in the 19th century.

The church to it’s right is St Mary Steps, and that to the right again is St Edmunds, the tower of which remains, ruined, on the Exe bridges roundabout today. There are artist’s images of the houses around St Edmunds, so these are accurately portrayed:  the Mill adjoining the bridge is probably Duckingstool Mill, the front based on images showing small sections of it’s rear view, and the Mill on it’s left is shown on maps of the time straddling the lower leat, and was possibly ‘The People’s Brewery’, the site later becoming that of The City Brewery.

The Mill and houses on Exe Island, along the leat to the left are based on map evidence from the time, as are those on Frog Street, leading up the slope towards St Edmunds, but these are also based on photos of the old houses that were there before they were taken down to make way for the inner by- pass. The Higher leat runs behind these houses.

For details of the bridge, please refer to the text accompanying ‘Exeter Bridge c.1750’.

The houses on the St Thomas side have again been put in from the footprints on old maps – often inaccurate – and the architecture of the time.

Once again, Molesworth the cat appears in one of his previous lives.

The viewpoint is from Okehampton Street, on the West bank of the river.


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