Lost Landscapes Recreated

Hambledon from Lithey's Hanger  c. 1910
(Hambledon, Hants)

This image has been reconstructed from a selection of archive material, including old O/S maps, old photographs and Hunts postcards, collected by Fran Lovelock and John Jones.

The cottages to the west of Green lane have been constructed as far as possible from a postcard image taken about 45 degrees south of the viewpoint here, and from their footprint on the O/S map.

The Bell Inn in West Street has been reconstructed from a view of the eastern end, and it's footprint.

Recent images have also been used to pinpoint buildings exactly from the chosen viewpoint.


Small: 271x412mm                              35.00

Medium: 362x567                              55.00

Large: 543x871                                  90.00

(all sizes include mount)

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